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  • Producent: Sony
  • Kategoria: Aparaty cyfrowe
  • Rozdzielczość: 24.3 Mpx
  • Przekątna ekranu: 3.0 "
  • Ogniskowa min: 42
  • Ogniskowa max: 105
  • Stabilizator obrazu: brak
  • Nagrywanie filmów: 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
  • Wizjer: tak
  • Nośnik danych: karta SD
  • Balans bieli: auto, zachmurzenie, światło dzienne, fluorescencyjny, cień, auto, zachmurzenie, światło dzienne, fluorescencyjny, cień, auto, zachmurzenie, cień, światło dzienne, żarówka, żarówka, żarówka, żarówka, podwodny
  • Czułość: 100, 51200, 50, 25600, 100, 200, 6400, 25600
  • Format zapisu zdjęć: RAW, JPEG
5-axis image stabilization The ɑ7 II dramatically expands your range of expression by compensating for five types of camera shake during handheld shooting of still images and movies. The highly effective 4.5-step* compensation lets you confidently zoom in faraway subjects, snap detailed close-ups, capture night scenes and more — all with minimal camera shake blur. Compatibility with wide-ranging mountable lenses* New 5-axis image stabilization lets you enjoy unparalleled handheld shooting freedom with more of your favorite mountable lenses. The short flange-back distance in the E-mount α7 II contributes to broad lens compatibility. Automatic optimisation for every α lens Confidently use your favorite E-mount and A-mount lenses, knowing the α7 II will analyze information from the lens to optimize depiction performance and 5-axis image stabilization for the particular lens you mount. When using E-mount lenses with optical stabilization (OSS), the α7 II combines the best of in-lens and in-camera image stabilization. 5fps AF/AE shooting with accurate tracking When your subject is moving fast, you can beautifully capture the decisive moment with sharp, well-exposed results via 5fps continuous AF/AE shooting. A dramatically improved algorithm accurately predicts subject movement so you can steadfastly track the subject even when shooting continuously. Focal plane phase-detection AF with A-mount lenses The α7 II offers focal plane phase-detection AF even when an A-mount lens is mounted*1 via LAEA3 (LA-EA1*2) mount adaptor. So you can take advantage of the wide AF coverage, high-speed response, high tracking capability and high optical performance of Amount lenses. High-performance Fast Hybrid AF with wide coverage and 30% faster response The newly enhanced Fast Hybrid AF system delivers extremely high-speed response, highly accurate prediction and wide area coverage for autofocusing and tracking you can always depend on. Remarkably fast for a full-frame camera AF system, it ensures maximum speed żeby optimally employing phase-detection or contrast-detection AF depending on the scene. 35 mm full-frame 24.3-megapixel* Exmor™ CMOS czujnik The image detektor delivers beautiful images from corner to corner and stunning 24.3-megapixel resolution. You’ll enjoy low noise, an extremely wide dynamic range, and amazingly rich and subtle gradations. Moreover, innovations that could only be achieved aby Sony reproduce details more faithfully so that every scene looks incredibly real. Supports 14-bit uncompressed RAW format New compatibility with 14-bit uncompressed RAW format lets you choose the optimal format for your needs. The camera thereby ensures supreme quality of tonal gradation to maximise the benefit of the image czujka's wide dynamic range. BIONZ X™ image processing engine BIONZ X faithfully reproduces textures and details in real time, as seen aby the naked eye, via extra high-speed processing capabilities. Together with front-end Large Scale Integration that accelerates processing, it enables more natural details, more realistic images, richer tonal gradations and lower noise when shooting still images and movies. Pro-quality XAVC S format For extremely high image quality and minimal noise, record movies in the high-bit-rate XAVC S format, which was developed based on the professional XAVC 4K/HD format. It enables Full HD (1920 x 1080) image recording at 50Mbps (60p/50p, 30p/25p, 24p)* and employs linear PCM sound for high-quality sound recording. Full-frame expression without the bulk The α7 II packs powerful moviemaking capabilities in extremely compact dimensions. You can create movies of breathtaking visual and sound quality with exquisite background blur, remarkably clear details, and the sensitivity to bring dark scenes to vibrant life. Features like Picture Profile and P/A/S/M modes further expand your creative options. Robust magnesium alloy body The remarkably compact and lightweight body is solidly built to withstand the rigours of shooting in the field. It's the ideal blend of light weight, solid reliability and steady handling, thanks to a top cover, front cover and internal structure constructed of rigid magnesium alloy. Enhanced grip and shutter button The grip is refined in shape and height to support a more secure grasp of the camera even when a large lens is mounted. This also contributes to more confident operation of the shutter button and dials. Moreover, the shutter button has been reshaped and shifted forward to enable more natural shooting with less camera shake. Lock-on AF tracking It's easy to keep moving subjects in focus with enhanced Lock-on AF, which analyses even more information from the scene to ensure usage of the optimal AF point for smooth, stable autofocusing. Its ability to detect and track moving subjects has now been significantly improved, thanks to Sony’s advanced proprietary image analysis technology. Robust lens mount The strength and rigidity of the body and lens mount have been enhanced to provide an especially solid foundation for mounting large, heavy lenses such as super telephoto lenses and those preferred for movie shooting. Stable viewfinder image Monitor the stabilizing effects of camera shake compensation in the viewfinder or LCD screen while shooting still images żeby pressing the shutter button halfway or magnifying the image, and while shooting movies aby entering movie mode. Even when using a telephoto or macro lens, you can fine-tune framing and focusing with stress-free stability. Picture Profile Fine-tune the look of movies before shooting żeby adjusting gradation, color adjustment and detail. Adjusted parameters can be saved with other settings as a profile, and up to 7 profiles can be stored for later recall. High-contrast, high-resolution XGA OLED Tru-Finder™ The viewfinder offers impressive visibility that contributes to stress-free, intuitive operation. You can accurately monitor what will appear in your final images because it faithfully displays the effects of your various camera settings. Moreover, an advanced 3-lens optical system ensures rich tonal gradation and extremely high contrast. Area-specific noise reduction Area-specific noise reduction selectively divides the image into areas based on patterns (such as edges, textures and flat areas like blue skies), then applies the most appropriate noise reduction for each area to markedly reduce noise and achieve a new level of clarity. Time code/User bit This function provides a "Record Run" setting that only advances the time code while recording, a "Free Run" setting that advances the time code whether recording or not, a drop frame method and a non-drop frame method. The α7 II can also output an embedded time code when the clean HDMI output setting is in use. Detail reproduction technology and diffraction-reducing technology Detail reproduction technology depicts details more faithfully with a more natural sense of dimension, while diffraction-reducing technology suppresses the effects of diffraction to faithfully reproduce fine details even when shooting at small aperture settings. Clean HDMI output An HDMI terminal makes it easy to transfer Full HD movie signals in real-time to an external monitor for accurate, large-screen viewing and listening. This feature supports uncompressed movie recording on external recording equipment and lets you output uncompressed movies with the shooting info display function off. Easy button customization Button customization empowers you to shoot just the way you like, with frequently used functions assigned to the customizable buttons of your choice. You can easily assign any of 56 functions*1 to any of 10 buttons*2 to enjoy speedier, more intuitive operation and maximum convenience. S-Log2 gamma setting This proprietary Sony gamma setting, featured in professional camcorders, creates a 1,300% wider dynamic range for smooth expression of gradation with reduced whiteout and blackout. Through color grading in post-production, you can make the most of the low-noise image and super-rich detail to achieve various types of image expression. Convenient tiltable LCD screen The LCD screen tilts upward approx. 107 degrees and downward approx. 41 degrees to accommodate wide-ranging shooting angles. This flexibility combines with compact mobility to greatly expand your shooting options. Viewing is also clear under direct sunlight thanks to WhiteMagic™ technology that nearly doubles the brightness of the display. PlayMemories Camera Apps™* The exciting new application download service, PlayMemories Camera Apps, lets you add new functions to your camera’s existing feature-set to heighten photographic expression according to your own creative needs. Meticulously crafted controls Controls are refined for intuitive operation and immediate adjustment of parameters while viewing scenes through the viewfinder. The front and rear dials have been thoroughly refined and positioned with overall handling in mind to enable easier, more efficient turning. It’s a level of refinement that even surpasses that of other α7 series models. Connect to smartphones and tablets with one touch! Instantly transfer a photo or MP4 movie to your Android™ smartphone or tablet by simply touching it with the α7 II — thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and NFC™ (Near Field Communication)*. Touching your mobile device with the camera can also activate Smart Remote Control, which lets you control the camera’s shutter release from your smartphone or tablet. One of the world’s best RAW converters by Phase One Capture One Express (for Sony) is one of the world’s best RAW converters, rendering precise colours and incredible detail. It contains flexible digital asset management, all the essential adjustment tools and fast, responsive performance in one customisable and integrated solution. Anti-dust system and coating To keep your photos blemish free, a special anti-static coating on the surface of the optical filter suppresses the attachment of both dry and moist dust particles when changing lenses. An anti-dust mechanism also vibrates at high speed when you select Cleaning Mode to remove any particles adhering to the filter. Multi Frame NR (Noise Reduction) This mode composites four shots to significantly suppress noise and raise sensitivity, letting you clearly capture dark scenes without a tripod or flash. Camera shake blur is also lowered while contrast and detail are raised. Easily back up your photos to the cloud Easily back up your photos to the cloud All your memories in one place PlayMemories Online is Sony's cloud-based photo and video service. Back up your amazing photos taken with your camera to the cloud and access them easily from your smartphone or other devices.

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