GoPro Ball Joint Buckle

chwilowy brak towaru

  • Producent: GoPro
  • Kategoria: Pozostałe akcesoria do kamer cyfrowych
The GoPRo Ball Joint Buckle allows you to shoot from different angles. For this, you attach the mount easily on various objects, such as a mountain bike or ski helmet. And while you're active, you can rotate the GoPro for the full 360 degrees with the Ball Joint Buckle. This gives you the maximum freedom to create the most creative shots. Features of the GoPro Joint Buckle * 360-degree rotating and tilting ball head * You can easily and quickly adjust the angle of the action cam * Three-pole GoPro mount * Renewed link mechanism * Compatible with all GoPro action cams In the Box * GoPro Ball Joint Buckle * Long thumbscrew

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